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Go on a Date with Kazuma Kiryu in Latest Yakuza Kiwami 2 Trailer

At first glance, the Yakuza games are focused on Kazuma Kiryu’s ability to solve problems with his fists. When you’re a hammer, every problem is a nail, right? Although Kiryu is definitely more comfortable as a fighter than a lover, it would be a mistake to not recognize that he leads more with his heart than his right hook.

The latest trailer focuses on his love life. Titled “Forbidden Romance”, the trailer shows some footage of a potential budding relationship with Detective Kaoru Sayama. From putting him in cuffs and arresting him as part of her professional duties to inviting him out on a date, she is could be jeopardizing her career for romance. Outside Makoto Date, Kiryu’s experiences with the police haven’t been overly pleasant either.

On a quest to find more about her past, it looks as if Kaoru Sayama is going to dig up some secrets that may be difficult for her to reconcile.

If you love the Yakuza games, you have probably already watched the trailer, and you know it is coming August 28th. If you are not a fan, or you didn’t realize the games even had moments like this, give it a watch. The series is full of surprising moments and some real emotional punches, in addition to the many physical punches you dole out to the many thugs, punks, and criminals who cross your path in the game.


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