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Go on a Quest with Some Has-Been Heroes

The creators of Trine have revealed a new game called Has-Been Heroes, and it will focus on a group of over the hill adventurers called back for one last quest. The game will take the standard fantasy archetypes of warrior, monk, and others, and put them in a roguelite, action-strategy game.

We only have the announcement trailer, but we hope to see plenty of the characters saying, “I’m getting too old for this”, and hearing, “I was only a week from retirement”, if they are killed.  At the end of every chapter, maybe we will hear the medieval equivalent of a sad saxophone.

After being out of the limelight and living a peaceful life, do they still have what it takes to succeed? We will find out when the game launches in March. There will be a digital release, but it looks like the physical release will only be available at Gamestop. If you buy it physically, give yourself enough time.

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