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Go Under the Sea with No Man’s Sky DLC The Abyss

New DLC for No Man’s Sky is dropping this week. The Abyss is focused on making the underwater areas far more detailed and diverse. According to Hello Games’ Sean Murray, it adds five times more variety and more creatures, some terrifying, with more to discover and explore.

Beyond these improvements the team is dropping in two new missions. Both of them are focused on what happens to people trapped below the water. The first has you look to see what happened to the crew of a freighter, and the other sends you to explore some ruins. There are wrecked vessels full of treasure to find, and some of them can be repaired and used to fly above the water. The other ruins will also provide more for you to explore.

That exploration is simplified with the use of your submarine, the Nautilon. You can move around the outside structure of your version of Sealab 2021, mine, dock with the new expanded underwater structures, and upgrade and customize the vehicle.

This is a bigger update than the usual performance patches. After a rough launch, it is nice to see Hello Games continue to deliver on its promise of better game with even more updates planned for the future.

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