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God of War for PS4 Apparently Has a Collector’s Edition for 200€

If you’re looking to spend the most money possible on your gaming habit, you may be in for a treat when God of War eventually releases for PS4.

It’s common practice by now for games to have standard editions that are followed by expensive collector’s editions, so it’s not that surprising to learn that God of War for PS4 may have such a thing.

German online store Spielegrotte has listed a collector’s edition for the upcoming God of War for PS4. Whether it’s accurate remains to be seen, but the listing does note what come’s in the 200€ package, something that makes us think that perhaps the listing is correct but the retailer has made an error in publishing the details.

According to the site’s product listing, the special edition comes with:

The game
9″ statue of Kratos & Atreus battling 2 Helwalkers
Two carved sons toys figurines
Steelbook case
Exclusive Lithograph print
Cloth game world map
Digital soundtrack
Exclusive dynamic theme
Shield pack containing 3 in-game shields

The listing also mentions a release date of January 15th, 2018, though we can just discount that as a placeholder date.

Would you be willing to drop 200€ on the above mentioned goodies, or is that just going too far? Slay your comments down below.

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