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God of War Definitely Not Getting Any DLC

It’s been a year since God of War was released and in that time we’ve seen no DLC added. But don’t think that’s about to change because Kratos is not going to get any additional content. Period. And that comes from the Centaur’s mouth.

Due to the circulation of unfounded rumours, its director, Cory Barlog, felt a need to assure fans that their plans have not changed. The short but sweet tweet read:

Just so no one gets the wrong idea – there is no DLC coming for the game. Sorry.

Now, we agree that it’s a little strange to see such a huge title launch without any downloadable extras but then again there wasn’t anything really missing from the story’s arc; certainly nothing that the next installment in the series can’t fix. Plus, the team have always stated that no DLC was planned, and they should know, right?

Still, in this world of Season Passes and microtransactions, it’s an unexpected but welcome change. Surely it’s best to launch as a complete package that everyone can enjoy rather than divide your fans based on their spending habits?

Was God of War your legend of 2018? Strike a bolt of lightning and a comment into the box below.

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