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God of War Has Two Day One Updates Today, Update Version 1.10 Available Now

God of War may be all about some invincible bald dude kicking arse, but even poor Kratos cannot escape day one updates. If you’ve got the digital edition of the game then you’ll be good to go as the two updates are included as part of the pre-load install.

However, if you’ve opted for the retail edition on disc, you’ll have to download a total of 7GB of update data. You’ll still be able to play the game without the updates, mind you, but you’ll miss out on a couple of tweaks and fixes. Still, if you’re really looking forward to getting stuck into the game then you can just start playing and then close the game and carry on once the updates are ready. If you’ve got a decent internet connection, the download shouldn’t take too long and you’ll only go through the opening act which isn’t really affected by the updates.

With the latest God of War updates installed, you should be on version 1.10. If your game isn’t on version 1.10, then you need to install the latest patch.

The patch notes for the latest update aren’t exactly detailed, which is weird seeing as how it’s a 6GB download. Nonetheless, here are the God of War patch notes for update version 1.10:

  • Showing speaker names in front of subtitles for additional context
  • General economy balance and tuning
  • Enemy difficulty tuning
  • Various other bug fixes and improvements
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