God of War PS5 Update 1.35 Out Now, See The Results of 4K/60FPS Here

Sony Santa Monica has released a brand new update for God of War. But this won’t interest you if you’re on PS4 because this is a next-gen patch. This is for the lucky sods who managed to get a PS5 pre-order.

The new update is out today and it adds “enhanced performance mode” for the game when it runs on a PS5 console. I’ve tried it out and it is very, very impressive. So much so, I may actually have to flip a coin between this and Control: Ultimate Edition to decide which game gets my time during the evenings this week. The coin is rigged. It will be God of War.

I’ve previously only played a couple of hours of God of War, and while I was impressed with the game running at a close-to-locked 60fps when the PS5 released, I’m even more impressed after the latest update.

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But enough of my blabber. I’ve played the game and recorded the results, and in this case, the video really does do all the talking. It looks brilliant, and if I was told that this was a PS5 launch game, I wouldn’t bat an eye.

As a reminder, God of War is a free PS Plus game on PS5 if you’re a paying PS Plus member. It’s one of over a dozen great games that are available to PS Plus members on PS5. Uncharted 4, Ratchet & Clank, The Last of Us, and more flesh out the offering. Fingers crossed a few more games get some next-gen patches.

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