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God of War Will Get a Photo Mode Post-Release as a Free Update

Today marks the release of God of War on PS4. It’ll be a big change for the series as Kratos’ story is told from a more intimate angle, but it won’t be quite complete; there’s no Photo Mode on day one. C’mon, what game doesn’t ship with a Photo Mode on day one? Ok, maybe we’re just being brats…

Sony has teased fans over on Twitter that God of War will be getting a Photo Mode in the near future by way of a free update. What’s more is that you’ll have a slew of options to take the best pictures of Kratos and his little nipples, but you’ll also have the ability to change his facial expressions from within the Photo Mode. Now that’s pretty darn cool if you ask us. There’s a couple of quick clips down below that’ll give you a sample of the upcoming God of War Photo Mode.

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