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Godfall Delivers Over 8 Minutes of New Gameplay; DualSense Key to Next-Gen Experience

Godfall is one of the few confirmed games coming to the PS5 this holiday season that won’t also be appearing on the PS4. As the closing game of today’s State of Play presentation, Godfall spent over eight minutes talking about the gameplay, weapons, and feel of the game. You can check out the video at the top, but that last one is where I’ll focus and far more interesting.

After the gameplay video, an article popped up on the PlayStation Blog. It talks about how the DualSense controller is adding to the feel of the game. In Godfall, you might be sliding over different surfaces such as marble or dirt. The controller’s haptic feedback allows you to tell the surface without seeing it.

They also mention how they incorporated the adaptive triggers into making the five weapon classes feel different. Light attacks are mapped to R1 and heavy attacks to R2. The comparison is that a polearm’s thrust feels nothing like a weighty two-handed Warhammer, and the controller’s triggers can give you that different feel.

You can watch the full trailer for a look at the weapons and special moves for those weapons, but this is a real-world example in which the new features of the DualSense are being utilized by a developer.  It’s also coming this holiday season, so you can try it for yourself. If you want more info, check out the trailer and read more on the PlayStation Blog.

With no microtransactions and all the content on the disc (at least for now, eh?), Godfall is going to be a very interesting look at the PS5’s future and capabilities.

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