Godfall Needs an Internet Connection to Play, All the Time

Well, it almost made it all the way to launch day without this nugget of information making the news. But today we have learned that Godfall – a PS5 launch game – will require an internet connection to play. That’s despite it not being a service game, according to its development team. And it needing an eagle eyed gamer to bring it to our attention – didn’t anyone think this was worth telling people about?

The Tweeter noticed the fact on the game’s official pre-order page, where the tell-all phrase ‘Online Play Required’ has now made an appearance; this is also accompanied by the statement that PS Plus is also required. But up until now nobody seemed to have a clue about this restriction and nobody seemed to be keen to point it out. Could it be because this reduces the game’s lifespan, to some extent, when servers and the like are eventually turned off? Or for more nefarious reasons we’re yet to discover?

I highly doubt it’s the latter, but they must have thought it could hamper their sales in some way. And by keeping things under wraps until the last minute, they might just be able to hang on to previous pre-orders as people want new games to play on their new console; cancelling orders would seem rather counterintuitive, giving the lacking lineup. Then there’s its RRP, which is quite steep, so restricting your audience further doesn’t really make sense either.

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Talk about shooting yourself in the foot – twice!

Whatever their motivation, the cat is now out of the bag. And it seems to have prompted more questions that they can probably answer. Worryingly for them, thought, it seems to have also triggered a lot of cancellations, so perhaps my previous logic doesn’t stand up in today’s world. Others question their definition of “service game” – could it differ to ours? Probably, if past experience is anything to go by in this industry.

The only question left to ask is, with all this backlash, will they patch the internet connection out of Godfall? As it has gone gold, that’s the only chance of redemption now. But if they could have done it before I’m sure they would have, so keep your eyes peeled for the reason why an internet connection is a necessity.


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