Going Under Adds New Content in Working From Home Update

Team17 and Aggro Crab Games have announced today that the popular rogue-lite action game, Going Under, is getting some brand new content in the form of the Working From Home update.

The update is actually available now on the PC version of the game, but console players will have to wait until February 25th, 2021 for the care package to land on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. But it’s completely free, so no harm done.

The new content includes new items, abilities, locations, costumes, and even entirely new game modes, as well as some twists and turns in the secretive world of dodgy start-up companies, including an evil version of Jackie Fiasco, which you can see in the new trailer.

Key Features of the Working From Home update

  • New Locations and outfits: Players wanting to take a break from Fizzle’s carefully curated cubicles can chill in Jackie’s room to kick back, relax, and change into one of 11 new outfits available
  • Overtime Mode: Overtime takes the existing dungeons and adds a little bit of spice; with seven new levels of difficulty, including spawning enemies in unexpected places and doubling damage received, work-life balance will be a thing of the past
  • Imposter Mode: Players take on all three core dungeons in a random order and once completed, their efforts will be rewarded with a brand-new boss – The Imposter – to take down
  • Surplus Supplies: The office supply cupboards are stocked and overflowing with new gadgets, including 25 new abilities, 9 new curses, 34 new in-game items, and a shiny new app
  • Rolodex: Killing an enemy with one of the blank business cards found throughout the levels will trap its soul for eternity and makes for a rather nice keepsake.
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