Gorn for PSVR Rated for Release, Release Date Announcement Coming Soon?

The upcoming melee-combat game Gorn for PSVR still has no solid release date, though that could be about to change as the game has recently been certified by the ESRB rating authority.

Earlier this year, the development team behind Gorn, Free Lives, stated that the game had been passed onto Sony for certification and that a release date was still not set for the game. This week, however, Gorn for PSVR has been rated by the ESRB, which means it is playable from start to finish and has been certified for release, though the ESRB rating doesn’t have any of the usual content descriptors for the game just yet.

With the game being rated, it’s likely a release date is not too far away, for North America anyway. The European ratings authority (PEGI) has yet to rate Gorn, so we could be looking at a slightly staggered release across regions, but that’s something we’ve come to expect for a lot of indie PSVR games.

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Gorn was in Early Access for years on PC before finally getting a full release on Steam for PCVR headsets. The game has since been critically acclaimed by players and critics and it currently holds a user review rating of ‘Overwhelmingly Positive’, so you can rest assured this will be another great addition to the PSVR’s library of games.

So yeah, expect a release date announcement soon, maybe even within the next couple of weeks.

Source: ESRB

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