Gorn Releases May 19th for PSVR, Launch Trailer is Bloody Mental

There’s a new brawler making its way to PSVR later this month and yes, it’s Gorn. Finally! After months of waiting, Gorn will finally release on PSVR this May 19th.

Originally released on PCVR headsets, Gorn has received great reviews from critics and recommendations from players for its brutal gameplay and sheer fun. It looks like May is turning out to be quite the month for PSVR players, what with The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners making a surprise appearance on the European PlayStation stores today.

To celebrate the fact that Gorn finally has a PSVR release date, the developers have released a spiffing new trailer for the game – and it’s proper mental. Honestly. Heads get removed, bloody splatters everywhere, and people cheer while it happens. Thankfully, Gorn isn’t going for super-realism with its graphics, so there’s no danger of being put off. It’s all cartoony and quite charming, actually, if you try to look past the casual dismemberment…

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