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Gotham Knights Delayed Until 2022 on Both the PS4 and PS5

Gotham Knights has become the latest game to have its launch delayed until 2022, something a number of Batman’s foes will be thrilled about. But as another PlayStation 5 release is pushed back, will we have enough games to make a proper ‘Top Ten Games of the Year’ list come December?  Or will we have to rely on whichever two handfuls of games are lucky enough to launch?

Coronavirus has certainly disrupted the launch of next generation consoles. But it has also thrown a spanner into the works when it comes to their complimentary gaming lineup. That’s because many of the most anticipated games of 2021 have already been delayed, meaning we’re left with very little choice at the moment. And now Gotham Knights joins that roster. Great…

The disappointment was announced online with a very stylised statement. But no amount of ‘glitz and glamour’ can cushion this blow. Instead, the news is like a punch from the Bat himself – even though many seem to think it was a long time coming, what with the little news we’ve been given since its announcement.

A reason was provided for the delay, and (perhaps, surprisingly) the word ‘Covid’ didn’t appear once. But then again, the actual wording –  ‘we are giving the game more time to deliver the best possible experience to players‘ – doesn’t tell us much either, and we can infer the virus has had some part to play. Because, let’s face it, it’s responsible for a lot right now.

The only problem now is that the number of delays does seem to be giving some gamers buyer’s remorse as they think their PlayStation 5 purchase could have waited until later in the year, or even early 2022. However, at least there are a number of free upgrades for other (albeit, older) games to help ease that regret.

Source: Twitter

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