Gothic Horror Black Mirror Scares Up a New Trailer

An upcoming Thanksgiving dinner with extended family members is not the only scary thing in your future. Black Mirror has dropped a new trailer today. (This is not the one on Netflix.) Combining gameplay with CG, it gives you a little peak into the mystery and horror you will find at Black Mirror House. (What were the original owners thinking? Nothing says a home is warm and inviting like Black Mirror House.)

Based on the point-and-click adventure games, Black Mirror is a separate story in the universe. David Gordon is summoned to his family’s home after the death of his father. While he is there, he learns his father saw visions and didn’t die the old fashioned way – surrounded by Playboy bunnies.

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David has been plagued by visions as well. A little sanity questioning seems reasonable. Is he going insane? Did someone kill his father, and was it one of the humans living in his house or something more supernatural? He will have to figure these things out before he meets the same end.

The story has been influenced by Poe and Lovecraft. (Yes, please.) With a focus on atmosphere and psychological horror, you will figure out the mystery by interacting with visions to discover the truth about your family.

If you are looking for a scare and gothic horror is your jam, you can check out Black Mirror on November 28th.

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