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Grab Your Scuba Gear; Rocket League Is Going Underwater

Rocket League arenas have been above ground for so long that we took large bodies of water for granted. No longer Psyonix said! A new, standard map is coming in October called AquaDome. According to the developers, it takes place 20,001 leagues under the ocean and will automatically be put into the map rotations for free. Although you’ll mostly be competing in front of sea life there will be a small section for the traditional audience. When we say traditional we of course mean the weird, chip-like entities that act as fans in the stands.

In addition there will be two new cars released with the AquaDome update. Triton is a slick and futuristic ocean sub with wheels and Proteus is shaped like an undersea rover. Both will cost $1.99 or your regional equivalent. You can check out the debut trailer below.

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