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Gran Turismo Sport Bags Itself More Free Cars, Tracks and Events in New Update

The first 2018 update for Gran Turismo Sport is leaving the garage today. And its boot is packed with more than a tin of kippers and condensed milk. Patch 1.11 will feature new cars, tracks and GT league events, all for the favourable cost of nothing. That’s right, all of this is free!

They’re even promising more freebies in the future! And to think we all complained that Gran Turismo Sport was a little light on content…

A total of 10 new cars will be drifting into Brand Central. And these are no deadbeat drives. In fact, we think they’re some of the finest cars around, although we are partial to a Bubble Car. Or two.

The free cars are:

  • Dodge Viper GTS
  • Ferrari 512 BB
  • Ferrari 330 P4
  • Ford GT
  • Jaguar XJ13
  • Lamborghini Diablo GT
  • McLaren F1
  • Toyota 2000GT
  • Toyota FT-1
  • Toyota Supra RZ

Then there is the little matter of the track, which takes the form of the infamous¬†Autodromo Nazionale Monza. But this isn’t just Monza, take it or leave it. This is Monza in different layouts, coupled with three so-called non GP routes of the Autodrome Lago Maggiore. These are titled East, West and Centre.

And finally we get to the GT events. After the GT League was introduced in update 1.10, Polyphony Digital is adding four new events to put your racing prowess to the test. They are :

  • F150 Raptor Survival
  • J-Sport Meeting
  • La Festa Cavallino
  • Gr.3 Endurance Series

Well, Gran Turismo Sport is starting to look like a rival to the releases of old; it has only taken three-ish months. But we shan’t complain any longer because it’s getting loads of content now at no further expense to our weeping wallets. Who doesn’t love “free”?

Will you be firing up Gran Turismo Sport this weekend? Which grid will we find you at and in what? We’re thinking the Ferrari 512 around Monza followed swiftly by the McLaren F1 at the Nurburgring.¬†

Gran Turismo Sport

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