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Gran Turismo Sport Gets More Content Next Week

Gran Turismo Sport

GTPlanet was lucky enough to sit down and chat with the brainchild of Gran Turismo, Kazunori Yamauchi. And what an eye opening interview it was. In it, Yamauchi explained how he personally views the racing series within this modern age along with plans for the year ahead.

He stated by comparing the current style of content drops to Spotify and ITunes. Through this logic, he believes there is little interest, commercially, in hoarding content for the next release whilst leaving your current offering stagnant.

“I think nowadays we are no longer in the era where you hold on to the new cars and tracks that you create for the next title, and you save it all for your release. I don’t think we work that way any more.

“Now it is sort of like being on Spotify or the iTunes Store; I think it is more natural to have new additional cars and tracks added to the store as they are ready to go.”

As a result, the team behind GT Sport have little interest in changing tact now and will instead continue to update the game for the foreseeable future.

“[W]e have no intention of stopping those updates and additional content for the game,” he added. 

Finally, he explained just how difficult it is to marry the new vehicle models with the game’s structure; sometimes being a race-winning car can be punishing.

“It is difficult when the original car is too far off from the BoP,” he continued. 

In addition to the above, over at the Twitter-sphere, Yamauchi teased the first new content of said continuing plan. And luckily for us we don’t have long to wait. As you’ll see in the Tweet below, an update is heading our way next week – not that we can elaborate any further on that.

Are you impressed by the team’s commitment to Gran Turismo Sport? Is there a car or track you’d like to see added? The pit window for comments is now open.

Source: GT Planet

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