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Gran Turismo Sport is Getting 8 New Cars on January 17th

Gran Turismo Sport will be getting a new update later on this month, and according to the game’s producer, Kazunori Yamauchi, we’ll be getting a few new cars in the upcoming update.

The game’s producer took to Twitter to tease fans that eight new cars will be added to the game’s roster and that the new update will release on January 17th. The new cars probably won’t be the only new additions to GT Sport as updates typically include news tracks, championships and other bits and bobs, as in previous updates.

If you’ve not played GT Sport, now is probably as good a time as ever to get involved. The game has been updated regularly since release with each new update adding more and more content to the base game. Then there’s the fact the game is on sale regularly on the PlayStation Store and can also be picked up pretty cheap at retail or online.

Source: Twitter


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