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Gran Turismo Sport PSVR Bundle Announced For Europe, Available Now

Gran Turismo Sport

We were a little disappointed when we found out that Gran Turismo Sport’s virtual reality offering was very limited compared to what the world had been allowed to think. Lesson learned: never assume, kiddies. But it looks like Sony don’t see it as too off-putting as they have announced a themed PSVR package.

However, the bundle will be a European exclusive. Sorry, America. Oh, and the rest of the world.

The box will be filled with everything you need to enjoy a spin around your favourite track in that dream car. Obviously, it will include a copy of Polyphony Digital’s racer, along with the PSVR headset, PlayStation camera, and also a copy of PlayStation VR Worlds.

We have managed to find the deal at Smyths Toys and Very, for a respectable £349.99; Gran Turismo Sport alone retails at around £46 (Amazon UK).

We have to admit that out of every genre that the PSVR headset has been utilised for previously, the car racing / track day experience is one which will benefit greatly from its immersion. No longer are we forced to stare straight ahead at a 2d image, moving a thumbstick see left and right or behind. Finally we have, potentially, 360 degrees of unrestricted sight.

If you are on the lookout for a PSVR package but already have Gran Turismo Sport or it’s not your bag, then you have a choice of two further high value bundles on offer in Europe:

  • PS VR headset + PlayStation Camera + PlayStation VR Worlds game: €399.99 RRP
  • PS VR headset + PlayStation Camera + PlayStation VR Worlds game + Move Controller Twin Pack: €449.99 RRP

Are you tempted by this bundle, or have you already put the pedal to the metal in Gran Turismo Sport? Or maybe you are sitting this one out until it has a better offering, both VR and otherwise? 

GT Sport VR

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