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Gran Turismo Sport Will Get DLC to Add More and More

Gran Turismo Sport is now only two weeks away so we are yet to see the game in the flesh. One thing we do know about this latest instalment is its lack of cars in the garage compared to previous years. But it appears that will be addressed post-launch via a selection of downloadable additions.

It was previously announced that Gran Turismo Sport intends to deliver a more online-multiplayer orientated gameplay in order to take advantage of the growing niche that is eSports. This lack of focus on its single player content has garnered some criticism, with players threatening to instead support race-simulator rival Project Cars 2. But these comments appear to have hit home, however, as Kazunori Yamauchi, creator of the franchise, has announced his plans for future DLC.

In response to a query on the limited vehicle selection, Yamauchi replied:

“I am planning to add it by update or download contents. The reason why sports cars, especially racing cars, was needed from the beginning was that we had to prepare all the categories of race cars for the FIA championship this time. At first glance it seems that the gravity is inclined to that, but not only sports cars, but also old cars, family cars everyone carries, or old classic cars, such cars are also important as ‘Gran Turismo’ Because it exists, I want to add more and more.”

Gran Turismo Sport gets its slicks on on October 17th.

Do you see yourself buying cars post-launch, or would you rather a greater selection on release? And can its gameplay help redeem it when it comes to this additional premium content? 

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