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Grasp the Black Hand in Just Cause 4

In Just Cause 4, you are facing the most advanced private military in the world. The Black Hand, led by the zealously-devoted and capable Gabriella, has many different soldier types to make sure you leave Solis, not as a victor, but in a body bag.

A new trailer outlines the strengths and weaknesses (mostly just strengths, though) of many of the forces you will encounter. Privates are your standard infantry. As low man or woman on the totem pole, they have no armor. What they do have is the ability to overwhelm you with numbers and mow you down in vehicles. Privates who do well become elites. They have armor and better firepower, and their parents are more proud of them, I guess.

The ghost is an enemy you are sure to hate. They can cloak. Except for a slight ripple as they move, you won’t know where they are until you see the muzzle glow from a charged shot about to rip into you.

The sniper, grenadier, and RPG can hit you from afar. The sniper’s red lasers can follow you, but throwing on the wing suit helps to dodge them. The grenadier lobs a few grenades at a time. If you take one down, stay back, because a few more grenades drop upon death. The RPG uses a green laser. The explosive has a high damage radius, so dodging the projectile is not enough.

The super elite is probably the toughest enemy shown in the trailer. This unit is immune to bullet damage and resistant to explosive damage and grapple attacks. It took three rockets to the chest and still got back up. It has multiple attacks to put you down, so be careful around these walking tanks.

Check out the longer trailer at the top to see all the soldier types, including more that I didn’t mention, along with some quick gameplay video. Just Cause 4 will be bringing plenty of explosive action (literally) to the PS4 on December 4th.

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