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Gravity Ghost: Deluxe Edition is a Planetary PS4 Platformer Out Now

Indie developer Ivy Games has released a brand new game onto PS4 today with Gravity Ghost: Deluxe Edition. Well, kind of. It’s new for PS4 but after a quick Google, I’ve learned that the game originally released way back in 2015 for PC to critical acclaim. Hence the Deluxe Edition for PS4, I guess.

If you’re not quite clued up about what Gravity Ghost is, let me summarise it for you. It’s a physics based puzzle game in which you play as the ghost of a young girl called Iona. A little dark, having a dead kid being the hero, but at least she’s not a rotter of a zombie. She flies through space with her best bud, a dead ghost fox. She battles across the stars with her foxy friend in tow as she seeks to end her journey.

And here’s a quick excerpt from the PR:

“In this critically acclaimed adventure, a young girl journeys to find her best friend in a shattered galaxy. Master over 100 levels with fluid, exhilarating motion, including 13 challenge levels exclusive to PS4. Emmy Award-winning actress Ashly Burch (Horizon Zero Dawn) and Logan Cunningham (Bastion) spotlight a story about how love, like gravity, holds us together.”

According to the user reviews on Steam, Gravity Ghost really is a gem of a game if you’re looking for a decent story, great gameplay, and a great soundtrack. Words don’t do it justice, though, so have a peep at the trailer up above and then check back in with us in a few days time for our review.

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