Gravity Rush 2 Confirmed Release Date, Companion Anime, and New Trailer

Kat’s next adventure will indeed be upon us this year and in the same week as we reported here. Gravity Rush 2 will release on November 30th in Europe and December 2nd in the US for the PlayStation 4. Additionally, if you pre-order the game from participating retailers you will receive an alternate, white costume for Kat and the game’s select soundtrack. If you do it through the PlayStation Store starting August 2nd you’ll get ten, Gravity Rush 2, PSN avatars.

It’s also been announced that a companion anime titled, Gravity Rush The Animation ~Overture~ will be released. GRAO, for short, will bride the gap between the first game and the sequel and is being produced by Studio Khara. Sadly, there wasn’t much information to share but we will know more before the game’s official launch. For those that don’t know Studio Khara worked on Rebuild of Evangelion.

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Lastly, a new trailer dropped. Let’s just say that there is a lot of gravity defying and impressive moves.

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