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Gravity Rush 2’s Free DLC Available March 21st, New Storyline Included

Gravity Rush 2’s free DLC The Ark of Time – Raven’s Choice will be released in North America, Europe, and Japan on March 21st.

The downloadable storyline will focus on Raven, Kat’s partner, who must fight to save the Lost Children who were left trapped inside the Ark at the end of Gravity Rush numero uno. She will also be up against Lumino the Guardian of Light and Tenebria the Guardian of Darkness, both designed by Tatsuya Yoshikawa.

It was initially intended to form part of the main game but the studio thought it might prove confusing to players who hadn’t played the first. The additional storyline should provide an additional five hours of gameplay to the “leisurely” player.

The DLC will also increase the max level for the “Devool Trench Mine,” going from 30 to 50, and the rarity of the “Talismans” you can find.

Gravity Rush 2 launched in January to rave reviews.

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