GreedFall is a New Baroque-Inspired RPG From Studio Spiders

GreedFall is a New Baroque-Inspired RPG From Studio Spiders

French studio Spiders are well versed in RPG titles, having previously released Bound by Flame and The Technomancer. But they are now moving away from the classic sci-fi, fantasy settings in which they’ve spent their time. Their latest title GreedFall was announced during Focus Home Interactive’s latest event, and unveiled as a Baroque-inspired adventure.

It has been heavily influenced by the Baroque movement of art and style during the 17th century. But the game’s setting will not be entirely realistic; a few supernatural happenings on a mysterious island can be expected.

The world you will explore is segmented, full of skills and secrets waiting to be unlocked. The player’s actions will have an influence on the two factions, mercenaries and sailors’ guild, who inhabit the island, with the promise that the story can take off in a few different directions based on their input. An array of weapons will be at hand, both physical and magical, and the traditional dice rolls have been replaced with a gauge that fills to unleash special moves.

Spiders’ previous releases have been far from flawless, but we are pretty impressed by the screenshots we’ve seen. It has a hint of Fallout 4 to it, if someone decided to paint the Sanctuary, and the art style certainly catches our attention.

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