Green Hell board game

Green Hell: The Board Game Launched On Kickstarter

Welcome to the (cardboard) jungle.

Green Hell: The board game based on the popular survival video game has just been launched on Kickstarter offering fans a glimpse of what they can expect.

The original Green Hell game follows rainforest researcher Jake Higgins as he braves the harsh environment of the amazon forest while searching for his missing wife. Green Hell: The Board Game will tie into the original game’s events as players take on the role of four party members from a search and rescue team as they scour the forest attempting to find and retrieve Jake.

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Described as a cooperative survival game for 1- 4 players, Green Hell: The Board Game will assign each player with a particular set of skills, Survival, expert, scientist, medic, and guide. Each of these skills will prove to be crucial in completing the game as will player cooperation.

You’ll always have to be on your toes as the developers from Galaktus games have implemented an innovative semi-random map set up to expand the jungle and ensure that you have a different experience with your friends, this is an experience tailor-made for replayability. You can also expect to find some of the core mechanics from Green Hell such as crafting, building, and backpack management translated to fit the board game medium.

You can currently donate to the Kickstarter from today, and developers from Galaktus games are hoping to raise at least 75000€ to cover production and order fulfilment costs. A free dice roller with a special UV print will also be available for any day-one backer of the Kickstarter campaign.

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The core pledge is priced at 99€ however this can be increased when add-ons such as the dice roller and or inserts to include in-game elements. Does Green Hell the board game sound like your type of thing? If it does you can donate to Kickstarter by following the link here.


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