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GRID Gets the Heart Racing in Pulsing New Trailer

Codemasters’ GRID is just a few short weeks away, and in an effort to drum up a bit of hype for the upcoming racer, the developer has put out a brand new trailer today. It’s a good one, too, with fancy graphics and realistic physics being shown off to the beat of a thumping tune.

GRID will be releasing on PS4, Xbox One and PC on October 11th. From that date onward you’ll be able to race in over 104 events across four cities, and that’s just at launch. There will be even more content releasing after the game has hit shelves, so there’s lots to look forward to. Long-term support is all the rage these days, and you can expect GRID to follow the trend in that respect.

“As a team, we wanted to capture the essence of the original GRID which, in its day innovated the racing genre with best-in-class handling and the introduction of Flashback. We want to build on GRID’s legacy and create a game that focuses on three core pillars of choice & accessibility, motorsport stories and racing for glory, all of which are captured in the trailer,” said Chris Smith, GRID game director at Codemasters. “Accessibility and Choice allows players to race their way with handling options for both the core sim racer and casual players. Secondly, it’s about Glory and Prestige. We want players to feel excited no matter where they finish – whether that’s in first place or coming out on top against your arch nemesis. Lastly, it’s about the unpredictable stories that happen in Motorsport; it’s why we watch motorsport on TV. It’s the drama and those the key moments that get you sitting on the edge of your seat. GRID isn’t about a procession of cars. It’s tight overtakes, bumper-to-bumper scrapes and competitive racing action. We want everything including the car to be able to tell a story at the end of the race through its bumps and scrapes. GRID gives players drama, excitement and unique motorsport stories in every race.”

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