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GRIP: Combat Racing Breaks the Sound Barrier on PS4 November 6th

High-speed combat racing? In 2018? Yes, it’s still feasible and Wired Productions and Caged Element Inc. are bringing a new one to PS4 later this year with GRIP: Combat Racing.

Wired Productions has released a brand new release date trailer for the game which you can watch in the embedded video up above.

So what is GRIP: Combat Racing, then? Well, according to the publisher and developer, GRIP: Combat Evolved is a high-speed racing game that’ll take you across 22 different tracks in 15 different super-fast vehicles equipped with nine different weapons. In addition, there’s multiple planets to race and battle on, as well as power-ups to collect along the tracks. It all looks and sounds very good, so here’s hoping the final release is a success.

For those who aren’t patient enough to wait for GRIP: Combat Racing to release on PS4 this November 6th, there’s always the Steam version of the game that’s currently in Early Access.

GRIP: Combat Racing harks back to the 90’s-era of blindingly fast arcade racers. If you’re looking for more of what made you happy as a child (or frustrated) then maybe GRIP is worth a look.

“We’re getting pretty excited as we near the finish line on GRIP,” said Chris Mallinson, Game Director. “It’s been surreal to see this passion project evolve into the intense combat racing experience that players will soon be able to dive into.”

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Wired Productions Press Release

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