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GRIP: Combat Racing Gets a Huge (Free!) Update, Adds New Tracks and Team Modes

GRIP: Combat Racing, the arcade racing/combat game from Wired Productions and Caged Element, has a brand new update that adds new content, new modes, and new customisation – all for free!

It’s a meaty update and completely free. The new update includes four new tracks to race and do battle on, as well as new skins, decals and rims for the combat vehicles. However, the customisation items come at a small cost, which is fair considering the new tracks are completely free. There’s also the introduction of Team Racing and Team Deathmatch, two completely new modes for GRIP: Combat Racing, and they’re also free.

If you’ve not played GRIP: Combat Racing before and haven’t really heard much about the game, I recommend you read my review through here. I described GRIP as “a well-realised release that does lend heavily from others, but there’s enough originality here and it still feels fresh in this day and age.”

GRIP: Combat Racing is normally pretty cheap on Amazon, though it’s even cheaper if you’re the proud owner of more than one console; the game is available as part of the Xbox One’s Gamepass subscription.

There’s a new trailer for the content update up above, and then there’s a summary down below, courtesy of the good PR folk who keep us busy.


Team Modes (Available on Steam April 5th and later this month on console)

  • Team Racing – Players can now join either Red or Blue teams to battle it out in any racing mode.  These include: Classic Race, Ultimate, Elimination and Speed Demon. The team with the highest points wins!
  • Team Deathmatch – The way deathmatch is meant to be played.  Jump on Red or Blue and blast each other away. The team with the highest points wins

*Team modes are supported in multiplayer and in tournament format. Each side (Red and Blue) have a team emblem/sigil to set them apart more and create a better rivalry

Four New Tracks (Available on Steam April 5th and later this month on console)

  • Mindbender (Haze reverse) (Orbital Prime) (City)
  • Naptha Valley (Jahtra) (Desert)
  • Hive Horizon (Orbital Prime) (City)
  • Spin Cycle (Liddo5) (Forest)

Level Cap

  • As of April 5th, the level cap has also been increased to 40, with unlocks of paint jobs and new tires for cars. In addition to this Pariah now have coloured paint that can be customized!

Garage Packs 2

  • ($1.99 / £1.69 / €1.99 individual packs. Also available as a money saving bundle) Available on Steam April 5th and later this month on console)
  • Glow hot with new skins, decals and rims for each manufacture!

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