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GRIP Goes Back to the Future With New DeLorean DLC

Wired Productions is aiming directly for the nostalgia spot with the latest DLC for its hit anti-gravity racer, GRIP.

The publisher, Wired Productions, and the developer, Caged Entertainment, have announced today a brand new DLC for GRIP in the form of the classic DeLorean – a car that was absolute shite in real life but made popular due to being featured in the Back to the Future movie trilogy.

For £1.99, you can own your very own DeLorean, albeit one specced out for anti-gravity combat racing, though a four-wheel variant is also included in the DLC. The DeLorean DLC is available now on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC, the latter of which will be getting a free weekend starting today and running through until October 21st.

I’ll rarely buy download content, especially when it’s just a vehicle. If I buy DLC, it’s usually a meaty expansion that adds hours of gameplay. But I do love the DeLorean, so maybe a couple of quid isn’t too bad.

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