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GRIP Loses Gravity in Latest Update

GRIP was an enjoyable addition to the ‘arcade racer’ genre, generating comments of similarity with the likes of WipEout. But it looks as though the game is going all out to emulate its brethren as closely as possible through the addition of gravity-less vehicles.

The AirBlades form part of the latest update, which is ready to download now. And will be made available in all current tracks. In addition, a series of new races are also joining the roster to take full advantage of the zero-g shenanigans.

“I’m pretty sure if WipeOut and Rollcage hooked up, this is the baby they’d pop out”, Leo Zullo, managing director at Wired Productions, said.

“It’s beyond exciting to finally be able to reveal AirBlades, as we see it as a true game changer and industry first.”

Now that is praise; we’ll see you out on track!

Has GRIP had you glued to the screen? Will the update rival Wipeout? And will these arcade racers ever return down to earth? Share your thoughts below.

Source: YouTube

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