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Grizzland is a Truly Old-School 1-Bit Open World Platformer, Out This Week on PS4

We’ve all seen and mostly enjoyed the plethora of 16-bit and 8-bit retro-style games, but what about 1-bit? Is 1-bit even really a thing? It must be because that’s how eastasiasoft is marketing Grizzland, a new open-world platformer for PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Grizzland is described as being a 1-bit MetrodVania open-world game with a strong focus on exploration, old-school questing without any pointers, and numerous secret areas to discover. You’ll need to build up your skillset, use items and unlock new abilities to better the enemy dinos that block your progress.

And it truly is retro style. With a resolution of 128×96 and only five colours, Grizzland is proper old-school. Just think how that would look on my 65-inch 4K telly… I’m curious, and if you are too, you can satisfy your curiosity from February 25th when Grizzland releases. It’s a cheap and cheerful release, too, costing just $4.99/€4.99. Just to see the wacky resolution might be worth the price of admission alone…

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