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GT Sport Update 1.28 Adds Fuji Speedway, 9 New Cars, and More – Patch Notes Inside

The latest update for GT Sport is now live and ready to download and install on your PS4. But what does the new update bring? A fair bit of new stuff, actually.

The big news with this update is that there are nine new cars to get to grips with. The full list is down below along with the GT Sport 1.28 patch notes.

If you’re not interested in new cars (?!?!) then the new track should get you a little more excited. The fan-favourite Fuji Speedway has been added to the game at no cost. There’s the traditional version of the track as well as the shortcut version, both of which are playable in reverse. So really that’s four new ways to race – not bad.

There are also three new GT League events aimed at all levels of racing fans, from beginner to amateur to pro. Again, you’ll find these listed down below with the patch notes.

To be fair to Sony and Polyphony Digital, the post-release support for GT Sport has been really, really good. If you’ve sat this one out until now, I’d say it’s worth a go, especially seeing as the game itself is often really cheap on the PlayStation Store as well as Amazon and local retailers.

Here’s the official patch notes for GT Sport update 1.28 on PS4:


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