GTA 6 is in Development, According to Rockstar North’s Tax Returns

We’ve had leaks come from all kinds of places, but I think this is the first time I’ve written about a game’s existence being outed by a tax return. Well, that’s what we’re doing today, and it looks like Rockstar’s GTA 6 has been outed by its latest tax return.

According to Rockstar North’s latest tax return, the studio applied for a big increase in its Video Games Tax Relief, a scheme run by the UK government to help foster home-grown talent. As part of the application, Rockstar North notes that it is working on a high-cost production that is “culturally British”, and therefore applicable for the UK Video Games Tax Relief scheme.

Is GTA culturally British? Well, kind of. The series started out in the UK at DMA Design before being rebranded to Rockstar North. Since then, productions of GTA games have been shared endeavours across Rockstar studios, though Rockstar North has always been at the head of the table, as it were.

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It’s a sign, then, that GTA 6 is in development, though to be honest, a tax return wasn’t really needed for confirmation. It’s been assumed for years now that Rockstar is working on its next Grand Theft Auto, and rumour has it that it’ll be set in a new version of Vice City. Plus, the studio was recently advertising for a position that hinted towards a new reveal trailer.

With GTA V continuing to sit steady on sales charts while raking in ungodly sums of money from GTA Online, it could be a while yet before GTA 6 rears its head. In fact, it could be that we won’t see GTA 6 on PS4 at all, but instead as a next-gen exclusive.

Source: TaxWatch UK, via GamesRadar

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