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GTA Online’s Shark Cards Have Made $500,000,000

Have you wondered why GTA V doesn’t seem to be getting any single player DLC, despite it being teased, hinted at and even promised a few years ago? It would seem the answer is simple: there’s absolutely no point, at least not from a financial perspective.

In an ongoing legal battle between Rockstar and a former producer, it has been noted that Rockstar and its parent company Take-Two have raked in at least $500,000,000 from GTA Online, so that doesn’t even include the initial purchase cost of the base game. Jesus. H. Christ.

Shark Cards have been mocked and ridiculed since they were first introduced as micro-transactions in GTA Online, but it looks like they’re actually working and whoever came up with idea is due a nice big bonus at some point. It’s still possible that there’s some single player DLC in the works, but at the moment it’s not looking all that likely, especially when Rockstar is doing a better job in the credit game than some actual creditors.

[Update: In addition to the info above, it’s been stated in the court documents that GTA V as a whole has generated $3,000,000,000 since its release. If you’re not too good with numbers, that’s $3 billion. That’s more than Wales is worth. Rockstar could literally buy Wales and then do everyone a favour and sink it.]

Have you got bad credit with GTA Online? Need help re-arranging your GTA Online finances? Get a life.

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