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GTA V PS5 Could Be VR Compatible According to LinkedIn

Grand Theft Auto V was a groan-worthy announcement last month when we found out it would be coming out once again on the PlayStation 5. But a recent advertisement over on LinkedIn has potentially made this news more bearable, and suggested this release will be a little different to the multitude we’ve received before. In fact, you could say it will allow you to see the game from a whole new perspective.

That’s because the game could be getting a PSVR feature, allowing you to experience the adventure in true first person mode. But will that prove enough to make us widen our purse strings on a game we can probably play on our sleep by now? I’m not too sure – especially if it’s full price.

All this stems from a post made by Video Game Deluxe online, which read:

“Having finished the critically well received L.A.Noire: The V.R. Case Files we are now gearing up for a new project, a AAA open world title in VR for Rockstar. 2020 marks our 7th year of working exclusively for Rockstar in Sydney and we are excited to taking on this ground breaking project.”

And we’re obviously assuming it refers to GTA V. But with few other titles to choose from, could it really be referring to anything else? Probably not.

The debate has already been raging online that as the PlayStation 4 game should be compatible with the next generation of console, why would we buy it again (obviously leaving non-owners aside for a moment). But now there appears to be an incentive, what with this potential new feature. However, it would be more generous of Rockstar to allow current owners to download this mode for free (especially considering how much the community has already made them), just as other “expansions and upgrades” have done previously, so I ask again, why would we buy a PlayStation 5 version?

If someone happens to not own a previous incarnation, they could very well be the intended audience for such a relaunch. But, again, if the PlayStation 4 disc is sufficient (and if an upgrade is provided to make use of the PlayStation 5’s hardware), why wouldn’t they just buy the earlier release at a much lower price? Apart from the box, there shouldn’t be top much difference – unless the VR mode is really going to be used as a bartering chip…

Source: Linkedin

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