GTA V Update 1.37 Has Broken the Game on Consoles

The latest update for Rockstar’s open-world crime-simulator, GTA V, has done more harm than good – and players are not happy.

There’s a new update out for GTA V on consoles and it’s version 1.37. The new update was supposed to improve load times on PC and bring “general network connectivity” improvements to PS4 and Xbox One. In a sense, load times have been reduced on consoles, in some cases to absolute zero. But only because the game refuses to load at all…

GTA V Online broken?

Players have flocked to Reddit to share their dismay at the latest GTA V update and how it is causing the game to no longer work on PS4 and Xbox One.

Some players are reporting that they’re able to get into GTA Online for a short period before being kicked out of the game. Others claim they’re unable to get into GTA Online at all, while others are getting crashes that send them back to their console’s home screen. In some cases, players are being crashed out of the game and then being forced to reset their unresponsive console.

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The issues seem to relate only to the online portion of the game, so if you play GTA V for its single-player content, you should be fine. However, if GTA Online is where you spend your time, you’re most likely going to be facing some issues until a fix has been released.

I’ve reached out to Rockstar to ask if there is an incoming fix, but at the time of publication, no response was received.

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