GTA 3 and GTA Vice City are Being Ported to PS Vita (Unofficially)

Ah, the PS Vita. It died too soon but fans of the mighty handheld have not let it go easy into that good night, not yet at least. The PS Vita still has a thriving community of hardcore fans, and the device even gets the occasional new release from third-party developers.

But what about a big name blockbuster? We’ve not seen a AAA release on the hardware in years, but fans are making do with homebrew ports of popular games. You can even play Left 4 Dead on a PS Vita now.

Rinnegatamante is one such fan of the PS Vita, and he and a mate are in the process of porting Rockstar’s mega-hit GTA 3. Alright, it’s an oldie, but there’s a reason we don’t have GTA V on PS Vita – it’s just not powerful enough. But, it’s got enough juice under the hood to run GTA 3, and at the time of this article going live, development is storming ahead.

Rinnegatamante has posted a few updates over the last few days, with the first video showing GTA 3 running on PS Vita hardware, albeit very poorly. While the audio was fine, the graphics were broken. Since that first video just a few days ago, Rinnegatamante has posted a couple of new streams, and the improvement is massive.

Where the first stream showed a broken renderer, the latest build is almost completely playable and, according to the guy making this, a first build will be released soon for fans to try out. If you listen carefully, you can hear the sound of Rockstar lawyers masking up and preparing to storm his house.

So, if you want to play GTA 3 on PS Vita – and not the PSP Liberty City Stories – there may be a way soon. However, you’ll need a hacked console, but that’s easy enough to do with a bit of Google-fu. And, if this does work out and manages to not get shot to the moon by Rockstar/Take Two Interactive, we may even get Vice City as Rinnergatamante has said that he’s started having a go at that, too.

GTA 4 on Vita, when?


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