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Guide: Does SkyDrift Infinity Have Split-screen Multiplayer? Online modes?

SkyDrift Infinity takes off on PS5 and PS4, but is there room for a co-pilot?

Digital Reality‘s fantastic aerial racer, SkyDrift Infinity, is out on consoles and PC. It’s a great little game and it’s budget-friendly, coming in at just $15/£13. For that little amount of money, you may wonder what you actually get – games arent’ cheap these days, and even the big triple-A releases can feel a little light on content at times.

That’s not a problem with this sky-racer, as noted in our SkyDrift Infinity review, the game feels just about right in terms of price and product, and it’s even better value when you consider the multiplayer options.

SkyDrift Infinity Multiplayer Options

SkyDrift Infinity can be played from start to finish in single-player, but what about when you’ve finished the campaign? Can you play multiplayer? Yes! There’s support for online multiplayer for up to eight racers at a time.

If you want to play with a friend or a family member on the same console in split-screen, you can totally do that, too, as SkyDrift Infinity supports split-screen local play for up to four players. How’s that for some old-school style gaming, eh?

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Four players is the maximum, not the requirement. You can play as two, three, or four players all using the same screen. I haven’t been able to test out anything more than two-player split-screen at the moment, but when my boy has his friends over (whenever that will be…) I’m sure they’ll put it to good use.

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