Guide: Far Cry 5: How to Make Money, Get Perks, and Prosper in Hope County

Far Cry 5 is massive. Huge. Gigantic. Overwhelmingly so, at times, so we (well, I, Chris – hi!) have put together this little guide to help you on your way to freeing Hope County of the grizzly Seed family.

Once you’ve gotten past the opening sequence which sets up the rest of the game, you’re then put into a short tutorial section where you’ll learn the basics. But the basics aren’t enough. That’s where I come in. If you’re a new Far Cry 5 player looking for tip and tricks, read on for spoiler-free words of wisdom.

Scrounge, save, and scrounge some more.

The biggest obstacle in the early hours of Far Cry 5 is your lack of skills, weapons, and cash. Money, just like in real life, makes the world go round in Far Cry 5. Everything costs something and there’s very rarely a freebie thrown your way; you need to earn your license to kill.

Everything from ammo to guns to health packs come at a cost. Looting the corpses of your fallen foes is one way to make a bit of scratch, but it’s never a substantial amount. Still, a few dollars here and there soon adds up, so don’t forget to pick the pockets of the dead before running off on another adventure.

A quick way to make a few bucks is to sell the goodies you’ve found in Far Cry 5’s open world. The easiest way to go about this is to go hunting. For animals, not humans. Animal skins are typically worth $100 or more, so if you happen across a bear, a honey badger, or even just a poor little turkey, shoot it in the face and then sell its dead flesh/bloodied feathers. However, you need to remember that if you’re saving up your money to buy some ammo, this is a little counterproductive; some animals will need a full clip to be unloaded into them before they bite the dust.

Get chatting to the locals, they know more than you do.

Talking to NPCs is often a bit of a bore in games. They seldom have anything good to say and it’s just another barrier between you and your fun. In Far Cry 5, however, it’s a good idea to get friendly with the people you see on your travels. Whether it be some poor soul you’ve saved from being murdered, or just the local gun seller – talk to everyone and you’ll be rewarded with knowledge.

Talking with characters will give you new side missions as well as revealing places of interest. If you’re looking for a way to make some cash, you can’t go wrong in getting a bit of local knowledge to help you out.

Explore, but don’t neglect the Prepper stashes.

The biggest mistake I made when I started out playing Far Cry 5 was neglecting the Prepper stash mini-missions. Far Cry 5’s economy doesn’t work in favour of you, the player, so you need to make it work, damn it! The best way to get yourself a decent payday is to go exploring for Prepper stashes. These are marked as little diamond’s on your in-game map.

Prepper stashes are mini-puzzles of sorts. Though they aren’t particularly difficult, they are massively rewarding. You’ll find a stash of cash, weapons, ammo, armour, and even some perk tokens. Oh, what are perk tokens, I hear you say. Well, that’s brings me to my next point…

You’ll get by with a little help from your friends.

No, I don’t mean real-life friends – though they’re handy, too. I mean in-game allies. You can recruit normal people to join your posse, but you can also get some special characters to help you out with their special skills. You’ll need to complete the relevant missions to unlock the characters, but once you have you’re free to add them to your three-man team.

There are a few different special characters that you can recruit, but my advise would be to make good with Grace as soon as you can; she’s an amazing sniper and she’ll one-shot almost every enemy, making her the perfect companion for raiding outposts. Then there’s Nick, the exceptional pilot who’ll get you out of the tightest of spots by raining fiery death from above. These are just my preferences, mind you, so try them all and see which works best for your play style.

Upgrade wisely, you should.

Wisdom isn’t my strong suit, but I’m going to impart some of it on whoever reads this guide. Unlike in Far Cry 4, upgrades are attached to Perk tokens which, in turn, are earned by completing challenges. Each challenge you complete nets you a small amount of Perk tokens.

Given that you’ll get a handgun and a rifle at the start of the game, you’ll soon breeze through their respective challenges, so be sure to change things up with different types of weapons in order to get more perk points faster.

Once you’ve got enough Perk tokens, you’ll be able to unlock different abilities for your character, the nameless deputy that everyone refers to as ‘Rook.’ This is where things get a little complicated. With each different perk – and there are many of them – costing different amounts, it’s easy to get carried away and spend the few Perk tokens you have without thinking. Don’t do that. Don’t just get the first perk you can afford. Save up and make sure you’re going to be battle-ready. That means you’ll want to be able to have more than one ally, so you’ll need the Leadership perk. You’ll also want to give your health a boost, but that’s not cheap, so get scrounging around for all the Perk tokens you can get your hands on, sinner.

By combining everything up above, you’ll be ready to take on the cultists and reclaim Hope County in no time. Well, it’ll still take time, but you’ll have a better time doing it. Thank me down in the comments below, or head over to mine and Pure PlayStation’s Twitter accounts and drop your thanks there. I’ll be waiting. I want my damn thanks!

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