Guide: February 2019 PS4/PSVR Release Dates

Guide: February 2019 PS4/PSVR Release Dates

The second month of the year isn’t always the best, but this year is looking pretty good. In an effort to keep ourselves clued up as to what’s releasing and when, we’ve got an internal release date spreadsheet with lots of annotations, colour codes, pictures, and some very unnecessary charts. Thanks, Polygon.

We’re not going to hog it to ourselves though, so we’ve removed the useless crap and boiled it down to games and release dates. Handy, no?

Below you’ll find the list of games confirmed to release over the course of February 2019. Some will have dates, some wont. Clicking on some of the games will take you to their PureWiki pages. Clicking on some will do nothing. Yet… It’s still a work in progress so do bear with us, and also be sure to check out the consolidated list for every game releasing in 2019.

  • Trials Rising – February 12th
  • Hyper Jam – February 12th
  • Far Cry: New Dawn – February 15th
  • Jump Force – February 15th
  • Metro: Exodus – February 15th
  • Anthem – February 15th
  • Dirt Rally 2.0 – February 26th
  • LEGO Movie 2 – February 26th
  • Left Alive – February 28th
  • The Wizards: Enhanced Edition – TBA

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