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Guide: How Long is Winds & Leaves on PSVR?

Winds & Leaves is out today on PSVR. How long will this adventure last? How long does it take to beat Winds & Leaves?

Winds & Leaves is not a long game – and that’s OK. It’s on the shorter side and if it was any longer, it would likely outstay its welcome, given that it’s a fairly simple game with not much to do.

How long is the story mode?

Winds & Leaves story mode – its only mode – can be finished in between 4 and 6 hours, depending on how quickly you march across the barren dustland and turn it into a lovely forest. I actually clocked in over seven hours during my playthrough, but that was because I really struggled to get going early on and I definitely set myself back an hour or two by repeatedly “dying”. You don’t really die in the game, but instead, you’re kicked back to another area, and this happened to me more than I care to admit.

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How long for the Platinum trophy?

If you want to add a nice shiny Platinum to your digital trophy cabinet, you’re looking at around 8-10 hours to get the Platinum trophy. The game’s tasks aren’t too taxing or difficult; it’s more a case of having to go back and forth between areas of the game. Still, it’s very doable and one of the quicker Platinum trophies to get in any case.

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