Guide: How Long to Beat Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunt on PS5, PS4

Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunt is an interesting hunting simulator that will have you exploring islands to find your dino prey, but how long will it take you to complete Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunt? How long will it take you to unlock every island level? Will you even want to put the time in? Well according to our Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunt review it just might be.

With no actual story to Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunt, how long you wish to play all depends on how much you want to complete. There is also no time limit to how long you want to go hunting so feel free to spend five minutes to a whole hour just staring at dinosaurs, I won’t blame you.

How long to hunt all dinosaurs in Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunt?

There are only six dinosaurs in the whole of the game which does make it sound like you could hunt them quickly. However, these dinosaurs are spread across different islands. It took me roughly 9 hours to track and kill every dinosaur in the game and then proudly display them in my trophy room.

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Although you can hunt them quicker than this by saving up your blue tokens to buy a ‘pro license’. This allows you to hunt every dinosaur no matter what island you’re on, but if you want to get the tokens and trophy from them you’ll still need to buy their separate license.

How long to unlock every island level?

There are nine total island levels to unlock, these are split into three separate islands with three different climates which are regular, dusk and fog. It took me almost 11 hours to unlock all of these levels.

This is due to me only hunting the dinosaurs which the game deems as dangerous. By focusing on only hunting these you will get through unlocking the islands way faster. If you want to make the game entertaining I do suggest sprucing it up every now and then.

How long to get the Platinum trophy in Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunt?

I reckon this might take you another couple of hours on top as the game challenges you to hunt dinosaurs from certain distances as well as killing the most challenging of the dinosaurs on three different islands. So, depending on your skill level, it could take anywhere between 13 and 20 hours to get the Platinum trophy.

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