Guide: How Long to Beat Cris Tales?

how long to beat cris tales

Cris Tales is the hit indie darling RPG that has more than lived up to its hype. But will it last a long time? How long does it take to complete Cris Tales? Any RPG worth its salt is tens of hours long, right? Find out in our Cris Tales guide.

Cris Tales is not a short game by any stretch and if you think you can get it down in one weekend, you’ll need to be slamming the coffees back at an unhealthy rate. Sleep will not be on the cards.

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How long is Cris Tales’ main story?

The main story in Cris Tales will set you back around 30 hours, assuming you’re taking your time to enjoy the excellent dialogue between the cast of characters, and that you’re levelling up your party members adequately. Having a weak crew without the right abilities will surely set you back further, so make sure you’re taking part in the grind.

Side content? Platinum trophy?

With all of the side quests and diverging story paths, you could get 40 hours of playtime out of Cris Tales. If you’re looking to add an extra Platinum trophy to the collection, go ahead and stick another 10 on top, because you’ll be very busy. It’s worth it though and the game is a true love letter to those games of the past.

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