Guide: How Long to Beat Curved Space?

Maximum Games’ twin-stick shooter Curved Space is now out on consoles and PC, but how long does it take to beat Curved Space? How much playtime can you expect from the game? That’s what we’re answering in this mini-guide.

Curved Space has a few different game modes, so depending on what you want from the game, your playtime may vary drastically. If you just want to plough through the story to experience the unique (and frustrating) level design, you’ll get a couple of hours out of the game. If you’re in it for the long term and want to claim your spot on the leaderboard and then defend it from other players, you could be looking at playing for a lot longer.

How long is the story mode?

Story mode is… not great. In my time with the game, I wasn’t able to finish the story mode because the last level of Curved Space glitched on me a dozen times. It wouldn’t let me finish, but the time it took me to get to the last level was around 2 hours. Had the game not broken at the end, I would have beaten Curved Space within around 2 hours to 2 hours 30 minutes.

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Curved Space’s other modes? Platinum trophy?

Curved Space has a few other game modes aside from the story. How long you’ll play these is completely dependant on how long you can stick by the game. After my couple of hours with the forgetable story and poor gameplay, I was done. I didn’t want anything to do with the Endless mode or the Survival mode – the game just wasn’t fun for me.

However, if you’re set on getting the platinum trophy, I’d say you’re looking at around 10-15 hours of play, depending on which modes you choose to play and how good you are at the game – not that you need any skill to beat it…

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