Guide: How Long to Beat Green Hell on PS5, PS4

Green Hell is a brutal survival game the throws you into the Amazon rainforest with nothing but your wits to guide you. Is it any good? You can check out our review to find that out, but if you want to know how long it takes to beat Green Hell, and how long it takes to finish the story, you’ve come to the right place.

Green Hell offers up a few ways to play, and how long it takes to beat Green Hell will vary depending on which one you settle for. Survival mode will potentially give you the most bang for your buck with its limitless possibilities – it’s only as long as you can survive.

How long is Green Hell story mode?

Playing in Story mode, Green Hell takes about 20 hours to complete, and that is based on my time playing on normal difficulty. You could make things a bit easier by playing on Tourist or even Casual difficulty (which allows you to turn off various settings such as Sanity or Hostile Tribes), and doing so will help you make your way to the credits in a shorter amount of time.

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As for the challenges, each one will likely take a few hours to complete by the time you have scavenged enough resources to complete one of the seven tasks set by the game, but as this is essentially Green Hell’s Time Trial mode, the aim here is to complete them as quickly as possible. That being said you are still looking at a few hours per each challenge.

What’s the total Green Hell playtime?

Green Hell gives you a good variety of ways to play with its different game modes, and if you are wanting to experience them all to their full extent, you are easily looking at well over 30 hours of playtime – don’t expect to sit down and complete this one in a session.

For more on Green Hell, don’t forget to check out our review, or you can check out the first hour of gameplay over on our YouTube channel.

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