Guide: How Long to Beat Indigo 7: Quest For Love?

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Indigo 7: Quest for Love is a colourful and fast-paced puzzle game with an incredible story mode, but how long will you be spending gazing at hexagons to make it all the way to the end?

Indigo 7 has a couple of different modes you can try out, this means the amount of time you could be playing will vary. If your main interest is the story and you aren’t too bad at games like Tetris, then you will probably take less time than I did to complete this game. I admit it, I rage quit a lot while playing this.

How long is adventure mode?

The story mode of Indigo 7 is where I spent most of my time playing when I was working on the review. I wasn’t very good at it which made it harder for me to complete but I kept going and after blood, sweat, and tears it was complete.

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It took me about 5 hours to complete all five acts, with from six to seven levels making up each act. This may take you even less time if you don’t struggle as I did. If you’re trying to get three stars on each level this could take you a little longer, but after struggling so much, I wasn’t even going to try it.

How long will you spend in Single player and Multiplayer?

Indigo 7 also has other modes you can try out if story mode becomes too stressful. The single-player modes work as good practice to improve your skills as well as trying out the characters you may have unlocked. I could see myself spending another hour or two playing these modes.

The multiplayer mode could be what extends your playtime dramatically. The local multiplayer modes can potentially provide hours of competition between friends and family.

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