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Guide: How Long to Beat Kitaria Fables on PS5, PS4

How long to get the perfect garden?

Kitaria Fables is a great little real-time action RPG that incorporates farming. It follows the brave fluffy hero Nyanza von whiskers, otherwise known as Nyan for short, as they investigate a series of strange monsters attacks around the quaint town of Paw Village.

This guide will help you reap what you sow and harvest the most from your time with the Kitaria Fables. If you haven’t read our Kitaria Fables review yet, check it out!

How Long is the Main Story?

Compared to what you might expect from RPG games, Kitaria Fables won’t take too long to complete. The main story will take around 20 hours to complete. The majority of the gameplay is based around completing quests which typically involve talking to other animal residents, fetching them requested items, and travelling to different parts of the map to relay messages. The side-quests orientated around gathering items are usually where the game’s farming aspects will come into play.

One of the best features of Kitaria Fables is that you can play the game in two-player couch-co-op, so if you attempted to tackle the game together, this would dramatically cut down the time in finishing the main storyline.

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How Long is the Kitaria Fables Platinum?

If you’re seeking another platinum for your trophy cabinet, this might take a little bit longer and will take around 25-30 hours, depending on your skill level. A fair amount of the trophies are story-related; however, for a few of them, you’ll have to make an effort. For example, the “A Friend to All” trophy can only be gotten once you’ve completed all of the game’s side quests.

Kitaria Fables also doesn’t have your standard levelling up system. To improve your stats, you must buy equipment upgrades from the shops, and this requires a certain amount of paw pennies, the game’s currency and particular raw materials.

To complete the main storyline, you’ll have to buy a few upgrades as the difficulty spike will be overbearing for most players. However, if you’ve got your eye on the platinum, there are trophies related to learning all the magic, sword and bows skills possible. A lot of time will be spent grinding up your money and gathering items required for the improvements.

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