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Guide: How Long to Beat Orcs Must Die! 3 on PS4, PS5?

Orcs Must Die! 3 is a great tower defence game for consoles, but for how long will you be slaying those stinky green monsters? Find out in our guide.

Orcs Must Die! 3 has finally found its way onto consoles after spending a year up in the cloud as a Stadia exclusive. At £24.99/$29.99, you might be wondering what you get for your money and if it’s a sound investment. How long will it take to finish the story? How long is the endless mode good for? That’s what we’re answering in this Orcs Must Die! 3 guide.

How long is the campaign?

The Orcs Must Die! 3 campaign is between 7 and 10 hours long, depending on how well you do and what unlocks you get early on. Doing well rewards you with upgrade points and these can be used to buy new traps and weapons, as well as upgrades that will give them more power.

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With powerful upgrades and a decent arsenal of the best traps, you’ll have an easier time smashing your way through the game’s single-player campaign.

The story mode is very replayable, though, as the game’s trophies/achievements encourage you to go back into the story mode and perfect your techniques.

How long to get the platinum trophy? Extra content?

This could well take you dozens of hours. Disclaimer: I do not have the platinum trophy, not yet, anyway.

The console version of Orcs Must Die! 3 comes with a lot of content. You get the main campaign, the extra side campaign, the endless mode, and the new Scramble game mode. All of this comes together to create a game that you could possibly be playing for hundreds of hours before you’ve popped the last trophy, depending on how good at the game you are.

If you need some more hints and tips on how to beat the game, get the best upgrades, and get lots of Skulls fast, check out our Orcs Must Die! 3 tips and tricks guide.

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